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Personnel Policy

Achievements of the Company who are also achievements to others. Talent is the first resource of the company, the company's efforts to create a fair and equitable employment environment and want to do something to give a chance to give a platform to be able to do things, to make things deputy burden for the majority of the staff determined the stage to display their talent. Yang Yong also never infestation, a step to do something wrong, do not give opportunities to do things, want to mix things give a sanction to pick things trouble leniency rallied and vocal.

First, know it : the world first, after the horses have Maxima, Maxima often and horses do not often. Companies hiring talent in 2010 will break the routine, the actual work required by the department by hiring their own personnel, with who the election, finding out who is responsible. The company's overall requirements" identity corporate culture, a sense of responsibility and can be reflected in the work sense, there are always willing to cooperate with good team spirit, truth -seeking pursuit of effectiveness of the work.

Second, with only: stone sound, then hit the Ming; boat can transport aircraft, operated by then move; Sage talented, with the latter view. The Company provided to the virtuous stage to display their talent, to provide the opportunity to showcase talented virtue, ability and integrity to provide a cornerstone for a successful career. Germany first, just as the base, the ground is on honesty. In 2010, the company all staff to" contribution" as the criterion, survival of the fittest, performance appraisal penalties and rewards. Truly reflect" with good people, good turn deserves another, good will be rewarded," employing the ideas and distribution.

Third, Yucai : Tree Valley a year, ten years to grow a tree. The Company regards the development of human resources to support the power of enterprise development, only the continuous development of staff in order to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. To those who rule the world of talent, the only person in the world to enlightenment. The establishment of the company into a learning organization, and gradually improve the enterprise 's long-term planning, and career planning workers provide various forms of training and education and promotion opportunities. In 2010, the company made ??in professional ethics, professional skills, vocational training, career planning aspects of a full range of training, so that professional talent, expertise comprehensive, versatile professional. The differences in the division of the company's employees only, no other distinction or distinction. Whatever the specific occupation engaged as long as the job dutifully accomplish tasks, can become, all companies need talent.