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Staff Training

1 pre-employment training

New staff should be in front of the entry pre-employment training, specific training methods are short-term training, professional training and internships.

( 1 ) short-term training: that in a relatively short period of time ( generally not more than one month ) organization foregoing new personnel training, training of qualified posts. Such training is the main form of pre-service training should be given special attention.

( 2 ) Professional training: pre-service training that is for certain technical aspects of knowledge and skills.

( 3 ) Internship: that side work hand side under the guidance of internships, study -related knowledge and skills through practical work.

2. The-job training

There are a variety of job training classes are generally divided into common training, professional training, and job training three kinds.

( 1 ) common training: According to the training objects, common training is divided into training and general training managers.

A. managers training: its object the training is usually more business director of personnel engaged in the operation and management. The purpose of the training is to improve the manager of managers and management skills, their training indefinite number of times, usually about twice a year, mainly out of its training methods training courses, internal training, self- management books. The training mainly in the NTP ( manager training program ) courses as the main content.

B. General Staff training: the director of the business conducted by the following levels of staff training. According to different training methods and content is divided into two kinds of professional training and job training.

( 2 ) professional training: namely to improve the degree of work done by competent professional training on technical aspects.

( 3 ) job training: corporate executives through their daily work or daily contacts, inspiration and guidance to subordinates working methods and skills, stimulate enthusiasm for the work of subordinates, training subordinates professionalism, collaboration, group process quality, job training is a regular sex work, which runs through the production, the whole process of operation.

The method has the normative job training demonstration, send feedback and ideas through discussion, there are plans to organize various capacity training through associations, round-table conference, brief meeting to exchange views and guide subordinates.

( 4 ) curriculum system: training for different objects, different contents of the training were trained in different courses. Enterprises to cope with an understanding of the training curriculum, or design some courses with its own characteristics, so that the training to achieve good results.

( 5 ) Training Facilities: If necessary and possible, companies should establish their own training facilities, such as training building, training classrooms.