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Social Responsibility

Protection of the environment

With the global and China's economic development, the environment is deteriorating, especially in the atmosphere, water pollution , marine increasingly serious . Wildlife to survive a crisis , over-exploitation of forests and minerals , to human survival and development has brought great threat to the environment has become an issue of economic development bottleneck. In order to continue human survival and economic development , enterprises must assume the protection of the environment to maintain the natural harmony of the task.


Health care, public education and cultural development of a country's development is extremely important. Especially public education , the removal of a country 's poverty to prosperity has not be underestimated even more . Medical and health work not only affects the health of the whole nation , but also affect the supply of social protection of labor resources. Culture can be through entertainment, cultivate people's sentiments , improve people's quality . Our country, due to the previous period less investment in these areas , more debt , more serious problems . And the development of cultural undertakings and public goods is certainly a national responsibility, but in terms of national support for these difficulties , lack of financial resources , the enterprise should assume the separation of some of the responsibility for the development of financial and energy health, education and cultural construction from .

Development charity

Although our economy has made great development , but as a big country with 1.3 billion people there are still many difficulties. Particularly difficult in rural areas is even more onerous , and some poor people need to help the poor . These responsibilities require the government to work of course , but it also requires companies share for the country , participate in helping the poor community. For the development of society , but also for their own development , the majority of our business , but also should pay attention to helping the poor , better take responsibility for helping the poor .

To protect the health of workers

Human resources are a valuable asset of society , but also the forces that support the development of enterprises . Protection of enterprise workers life, health and income and ensure treatment of workers, not only to the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, but also related to the development and stability of society. In response to the international corporate social responsibility standards , and to make the central government on the "people -oriented" and the goal of building a harmonious society implement our business must assume the responsibility to protect the lives and health protection of workers and ensure that treatment . As companies prepare to firmly abiding respect for discipline , care enterprise employees , improve labor protection , and constantly improve the level of workers and ensure timely payment of wages . Enterprises to communicate with employees, mostly the sake of employees .

Development of technology

Currently, on the overall situation, the economic benefits of China's enterprises is poor , resource input-output ratio is also very low . To solve the problem of low efficiency , we must attach importance to technological innovation. Through technological innovation, reduce coal, electricity , oil and transportation consumption , further improve enterprise efficiency. Since the reform and opening up , China's technological backwardness in order to change the situation as soon as possible , the implementation ism that economic development takes a shortcut . But today , the wind is still getting up to introduce our large , getting up severely , many factories have become almost foreign production lines exposition , while the introduction of digestion and absorption of technology really does not attract attention. Therefore, enterprises should attach great importance to the digestion and absorption of imported technology and R & D , increase investment funds and personnel , and strive to innovative enterprises as the mainstay .